What is a Cramp?

In general, a muscle cramp is an involuntary contraction of a muscle that doesn't relax. The most common places for this to occur is in the legs and feet. They can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes and can sometimes occur several times until the initial 'trigger' is resolved. They are … Continue reading What is a Cramp?

Sleep Disorders

Sleep as we all know is imperative to our survival, hormone rhythms, body temperature and other functions. In fact, a number of studies have shown a lack of sleep to be a direct influence on diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, depression, hypertension, obesity and infections. While we sleep for hopefully 8 hours, we good through 5 … Continue reading Sleep Disorders

World Health Day

World Health Day is a global health awareness day and is sponsored by the World Health Organisation and is observed by all member states of the United Nations. It has been celebrated on the7th of April every year since 1950.  and each year it has a different theme or goal. The aim of the day is … Continue reading World Health Day

Anatomy April 3 – The Nervous System – Overview

Anatomy April The nervous system is one of the most important systems in your body, it allows you to complete any action or movement, and the system can be found in almost any animal. Our nervous system can be broken down into two main parts; the central nervous system with our brain and spinal cord, … Continue reading Anatomy April 3 – The Nervous System – Overview

Case Study – Costochondritis

Costochondritis is the inflammation of the cartilage that joins the ribs to the sternum (breastbone). The pain experienced by the patient can range from mild to severe with it having a different feeling from person to person. One person can feel it similar to a heart attack, while others can say it feels like unusual … Continue reading Case Study – Costochondritis

New York’s School of Medicine Has Discovered a New Organ – Interstitium

Up until now the largest human organ was the skin, however, scientists at New York's School of Medicine have found something to disband this belief. Previously believed to be connective tissue, Interstitium is described as a fluid-filled, 3-D latticework of collagen and elastin connective tissue. It is all over your body, right under your skin in fact. … Continue reading New York’s School of Medicine Has Discovered a New Organ – Interstitium

Cholera Outbreak in Somalia

There has been an ongoing outbreak of Cholera in Somalia specifically in the regions of; Hiraan, Banadir, Lower Juba and Middle Shabelle since December 2017. As of the 18th of March, the World Health Organisation has reported 1613 cases with nine deaths. There have been Cholera outbreaks in the past specifically in these regions. The … Continue reading Cholera Outbreak in Somalia

Anatomy April 2 – Skin

Anatomy April The skin is the largest organ in our body, it not only protects us from invading pathogens (Viruses, bacteria, etc.) but in changes in temperature and ultraviolet radiation. It maintains the balance of fluids of your body through sweating and synthesizes vitamin D from the sun. It also accounts for about 3-5kg of … Continue reading Anatomy April 2 – Skin

Anatomy April 1 – Human Tissue

Anatomy April Every cell in your body has a special specialisation that is related to maintaining homeostasis. When groups of cells with the same specialisation or function come together they form a tissue. In other words, the type of cells defines the type of tissue. There are four main types of tissue in the human … Continue reading Anatomy April 1 – Human Tissue

US$ 3.2 Million Grant will Help Fund Malaria Vaccine

The Global Health Innovative Technology Fund has awarded the University of Florida and partners in the United States and Japan $3.2 million to advance a promising vaccine to prevent transmission of malaria. The vaccine will be a Transmission Blocking Vaccine (TBV) and will break the cycle of disease transmission. Malaria is a possibly life-threatening disease … Continue reading US$ 3.2 Million Grant will Help Fund Malaria Vaccine