Anatomy April

Anatomy April will be a month to focus on specific systems, functions and parts of the body. But before we begin this adventure into our bodies, we need to understand some key concepts about biology (and some chemistry).

Homeostasis is one of the fundamental aims of your body, it is the tendency towards a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes. It originates from the Greek word homoios which means ‘like’ or ‘similar’ and the English word stasis.

There are multiple levels of the organisation of our body;

  1. Chemical – There are 7 Octillion atoms within our body most of which are either oxygen, hydrogen or carbon. (If you want an in-depth overview of chemistry)
  2. Cellular – The smallest unit of living things are cells which all have some basic functions but can vary immensely in terms of size from the smallest blood cells to one of the larges cells, a motor neuron that runs one metre from the base of your spinal cord down your leg and to your big toe.
  3. Tissues – Cells who group with similar cells form tissues such as; connective, muscle, membranes and nervous tissues.
  4. Organs – When two or more tissue types groups together they create organs like our stomach, heart, intestines and brain they play an important role in completing some of the small to medium tasks such as breaking down food through stomach acid.
  5. Organ Systems – Organs with similar purposes need to work together to be able to complete major tasks such as; running, circulating blood and breathing. This co-ordinated communication and teamwork we call organ systems like our digestive or cardio-vascular (sometimes called circulatory) systems.
  6. Body – Finally the previous five levels form the most complex level of life which is the human body.

Content Timeline

  1. Human Tissue – 30 MAR
  2. Skin – 1 APR
  3. The Nervous System – Overview – 3 APR
  4. The Central Nervous System – 4 APR
  5. The Peripheral Nervous System – 5 APR
  6. The Sympathetic Nervous System – 6 APR
  7. The Parasympathetic Nervous System – 8 APR
  8. Our Senses – 10 APR
  9. The Skeletal System & Joints – 12 APR
  10. Muscles – 13 APR
  11. The Endocrine System – 14 APR
  12. The Cardiovascular System – Overview – 16 APR
  13. The Heart – 17 APR
  14. Blood & Blood Vessels – 19 APR
  15. The Respiratory System – 21 APR
  16. The Digestive System – 23 APR
  17. Metabolism & Nutrition – 25 APR
  18. The Urinary System – 26 APR
  19. The Immune System – 28 APR
  20. The Reproductive System – 30 APR