Anatomy April Begins

View The Project Anatomy April will be a month to focus on specific systems, functions and parts of the body. But before we begin this adventure into our bodies, we need to understand some key concepts about biology (and some chemistry).

World First Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhoea

An un-named English man has contracted a new strain of the STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) Gonorrhoea which has shown resistance to two last-resort antibiotics; Ceftriazone and Azithromycin. The man is suspected to have contracted the STI from a woman during his travels to south-east Asia in the early months of the year. The antibiotics he was … Continue reading World First Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhoea

Prisons and the Opioid Epidemic

The US prison system is not adequately providing inmates with treatments for opioid and other drug addictions on a widespread level. The US prison system is one of the most extensive prison systems in the world, with the US leading the world with the most adults in prison (750 per 100 000 adults). In addition, … Continue reading Prisons and the Opioid Epidemic